Most of this vacation will be spent at the library. I’m hoping to finally get through all the beautiful books I bought from Amazon last year. From O’Reilly’s to Phaidon art books –thanks to over $30 free shipping, and Amazon’s great usability “recommendations”. Anyhow, I’m excited to go reading through them.

Walking into the library today, well as I sit here a nostalgic sensation draws upon me. The tables and chairs… even the sofas placed against the ceiling to floor windows seems to have ceased to move since high school. Has that much time elapsed? Do certain things never change? Through the laughter, graduations, birthdays, first kisses, boyfriends, girls night outs, secrets, disappointments, tears and successes – the Richmond Hill Library seem to have everything vacuum packed in and conserved… Everything is looks, smells and feels exactly like it was ten years ago.

I feel a deep sense of warm, safety, and mental calmness as I sit here on the same wooden chair by the same window as I sat in ten years ago.

The view is still the same too. Despite the cloudy day I could still see the silhouettes of the trees at a distance as they embrace the horizon. There it is, the same train that runs through at this time. The same three flags echos against the rain and wind… The same way as it did ten years ago. I feel like I’ve never left this place. I feel like I’m returning in a victorious mindset, sorta like, I made it! I’ve graduated from university, I’ve worked my way up to my dream job and now I’m back to tell you how great it has been! Hurray!

But it’s much more than that.

I could still hear and see my friends and I sitting in those sofas by the window. During high school we often spent our weeknights at the library. The coffees and muffins were so sweet. We’d eat them as we gossip, laugh and sometimes got a little complaint here and there from the librarian. Those are the days that this library will bottle up for me as long as it exists.

Looking forward and at the precious present moment I am thankful to have the same friends who sat here with me ten years ago. I’m thankful that they are still such a vital part of my life. I am thankful to sit here in a positive light. I am thankful to sit here knowing that through their support, love and friendship I was able to create who I am today. I was capable of building and weaving a life that I could have only dreamed about when I was younger. “Enough” is such a strong word, and at this moment of my life I feel that I have more than enough.