Katie Bond Pretti - Visual Artist
I’m beginning to enjoy the Eye Weekly arts section. This week’s featured artist is Katie Bond Pretti.

Outstanding artist.

I’m almost in a trance with the movement and feelings that conjure when my eye travels along the lines of her artwork. One could spend hours looking and be completely mesmorized.

I’ve been working on developing a new series of artwork for 2008, and I thought about my style of work and what I could do as an artist to develop and evolve it. So if you are all wondering, I’m spending a lot more time researching and looking at a different types of artists and their artworks.

I do know that I would ideally like to work with abstract expressionism. Despite loving the controlled factor of my current paintings I’m a the stage where I want to break out and let my subconscious move at its’ own will. This will be an interesting journey, but definitely check out Katie Bond Pretti.