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    What a cool skin!!


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    John Maeda Laws of Simplicity

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    The last few weeks have been trying, but all is well now :) I just need to reilliterate it so that I could better communicate myself and who I am to, well the world I suppose.

    I recently endured an experience that etched permanent lessons in my life that touched me by revealing who I truly am instead of who I thought I was (that’s always another check in the box). In a few words… I learn what I do and don’t care about. I now know that I don’t care about what others think of me in general, but I do care and care deeply about your (the world) respect towards me and my decisions in life, because I have always ALWAYS been supportive and happy for everyone else. There has never been a time when I didn’t put a smile on my face about everyone else’s decisions and actions in life. As long as you are happy about it; I am right behind you full speed ahead. And I learn, this is what I learn is that as soon as my intuition senses disrespect it is SERIOUSLY like a stabbing sensation in my chest.

    What I do know as well… is that it has nothing to do with the person, and everything to do with me. I critize myself on my poor judgment and my lack of cautiousness with my relations with others. I am always so damn hard on myself because it hurts when I know that I’ve made a mistake. So how do I get around that; by editing things in my life; all things positive in, all contaminents out – simply and easy. And of course the most impotatnt lesson is learning and really coming to terms that I am not perfect. I always knew that, but the difference is that I now accept and acknowledge that fact.

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    (cupcakes that I baked for Victor’s birthday)

    n844900257_2386681_370.jpgHappy Family Day! The better part of the weekend was spent with my mom, my family and celebrating my best friend’s birthday. I wake up everyday being thankful for the people in my life. Compared to many others the situations that I face are miniscule. I could never compare to their life threatening challenges. To think that someone right at this moment is dying and there is nothing that we could do to help him gives me more reason to be grateful of who I am and to a greater cause.

    Today at IKEA there were tons of families, laughing, eating and bonding. I bought a chair :D HAHAHAH – the one that I was previously sitting on collapsed LOL – the screws on the side literally “blew out” of the chair LOL HAHAHAH – How that is possible I have noooooooo idea. Anyhow, tonight I did what I do usually when I have a lot of time on my hands – I took tons of pictures of myself! The colors actually turned out to be a lot nicer than I had ancipated!

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