• 12:59:04 am on December 9, 2007 | 0
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    Someone please take me off of Etsy! LOL – I could spend hours there. My new obsession is charm bracelets. I adore them. The little buttons, face plates, and oh the little shoes! I’m not sure what it is about them, but I am hooked. I’ve already bought three. I know, in one day it’s incredible.

    Here are my favorites for the day:

    Altered Art Sterling by Theothersister
    Look at the little images! They’re vintage images of sewing patterns!

    All Creatures Charm Collage Bracelet by StarsDreamsandJewels
    SO CUTE! Please look at the little elephants! And the pink pig!? AHHhhhhhhh!

    Kitschy Doodad Trinket Collage Bracelet/ Yellow Orange by StarsDreamsandJewels
    Who knew that a lego and a doghouse would look so incredible together? Suberb! And the little buttons! Those kill me! :D

    Pill Charm bracelet (in grays, purples and pinks) by bencandance
    All handcrafted individual pills! Take a look at his page, my 2nd favorite is the “anti-social charm bracelet” – such a unique name.


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