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    Piet Mondrian – Composition No. 12 with Blue (1936 – 1942 )

    Tonight I’ll be writing about one of my favorite artist – Piet Mondrian. As one of the pioneers of abstract paintings in the early 1920’s and 30’s – he really came up and shook things up a little for us :)

    I admire him for his stamina towards sustaining his style of painting, and his devotion into understanding form, abstraction, and composition in an nonrepresentational arena. Learning from the best, I too devote myself into working, and reworking until my insides scream and shout that it actually looks great :) Mondrian is about simplication – stripping away the details and abandoning the notion of representation. In addition, his art is related to his spiritual and philosophical studies. The “compositions” as he called his paintings – are made up of vertical and horizontal lines.

    I continue to learn from him because what I paint is also a series of simplified images. At times I struggle with this because as an artist I feel the need to evolve my style of art and to improve upon what I do, but at the same time retain my style and my beliefs towards my artwork. Mondrian also found this challenging. From his earliest paintings, “Composition No.12” towards “New York” and then lastly “Broadway Boogie Woogie” Mondrian passionately continued his work despite the tension between continuing his style of painting and developing as an artist. That is one of THE MOST beautiful aspect about being an artist. We are constantly changing and challenging ourselves. Like Mondrian, most artists are extremely self-motivating and independent, which derives from the desire to be creative and to “release our insides” – but in an orderly fashion. Sorry, I am so crude sometimes – forgive me! :D Hopefully in due time I will discover my insides…

    Goodnight :)



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