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    n28115173_37096451_8662.jpgI feel a bit uneasy tonight… Not exactly thrilled, but not sad either…  I do know the importance of being optimistic.  I make a conscious decision to be positive and optimistic whenever I can.   I have come 360 degrees in the past year, and I strongly believe that everything else that comes in the future for me will be positive. If I didn’t feel and want that 100% I wouldn’t be where I am in my life at this very moment.

    Today was a mellow-dramatic day… Good in most ways, and if I am optimistic – everything went really well today.  It was someone’s last day today, and it was bit sad to see him go, because I think that we were just starting to get into the groove of things.  The great part about it is that he will be taking on a great initativie, and I’m excited for his future.  The entire department went out to a restaurnat called “No Regrets” and had a nice lunch :)

    Tonight… Tonight is a beautiful night.  The skies in Toronto are clear… and the rain stopped.  I have my window open and I could feel the nice light breeze hitting against my shoulders.  I’m sitting by my desk again, but this time with a glass  of wine on my left hand side…  I’m relaxed, and excited for the weekend.  I plan on waking up earlier tomorrow to go for a quick swim in the pool, and then paint for a few hours.  With all aspects of my life, this is what I enjoy most.  Painting on Saturday morning…  It’s so quiet in the mornings… I paint by my window, and I since I have walk-out balcony from my room – I leave the balcony door open to let the autumn breeze in as I paint…  The satisfaction and release I feel from these mornings are incredible… I woudn’t trade it for anything in the world, and I am grateful that I have this in my life.



  • Jeffrey 2:37 am on October 29, 2007 | # | Reply

    Hey Wynne, will you be able to email me the original large resolution picture of that building photo you took? I want to use it as my desktop wallpaper thanks :)

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