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    I’ve discovered recently, well that would be lying, but most people know that I could be quite moody. I don’t choose to be this way, but at times I just feel so overwhelmed. I feel consumed and confused. People nowadays like to talk about their feelings often, but I disagree. Our feelings is the core of our relationships, and without them how would be sustain a society or place values on all is occurring. In our society there is a constant bombardment of simulation.

    My brain might be a little tired of it.

    I’ve never really wanted to tell anyone about my feelings because I never valued them.

    Tonight as I sit at by desk facing the balcony in my beautiful home, with my exquisite laptop… I stare into the lights coming from the skyscraper buildings before me… I feel blessed to have a home and everything that I need to get through the night.  Do I really care that I’m renting a condo, or do I care more about the fact that I am fortunate and thankful enough to find my passion?  Myself?  How many people do you know out there who are still struggling with that despite already archiving their notion, or society’s description of “success”?

    Is that what life is about? Have we all just been programmed into wanting all these things that aren’t so important after all?  Has success changed your life recently? What are your views on giving it all up for taste to “have it all”?

    Alright, so you out there who accepts it and believes in it – and that people like me are in denial.  Are you then in denial because you have given the right to someone else to choose and describe your idea of success?

    You tell me.




  • wrjones 9:46 am on October 23, 2007 | # | Reply

    What is your idea of success?

    Here is something to keep in mind –

    No matter how successfull, by any definition, you are, in the end you and everything you have ever done will disappear and there will be no record you ever existed.

    This is true of everyone. The Trump tower will someday no longer stand. The paintings of Rembrandt will crumble to dust. One can think, well he and the other famous artists have work that has been around for 600 years. Yes, but how about 6000 years or 60000 years? Do you think his work will still be here? Nope.

    This seems like kind of a downer message but really is meant to give you pause to consider living each moment to your own standards. All you have is now.

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