• 01:36:38 pm on June 10, 2007 | 0

    I, Wynne Leung survived without the internet.  Rogers accidentally disconnected my me, which at the beginning was to a new media person both horrifying and traumatic, but to my surprise I’ve aquired an indefinite different perspective that I need to share with you,.

    What is thought of as something terrible turns out to be such a positive learning experience.  Learning how to ask for what I want in life is always a challenge on my part, and how to effectively communicate with difficult people is something that I’ve always wanted to practice.   The “golden egg” of this weekend is accomplishing tasks that were put aside due to my excessive use of the internet.  I did my laundry, packed up all my clothes, cleaned, wiped off a ton of dust from my dressers, talked to my cats, played with them, and as a result felt a deep sense of tranquility within.

    It feels wonderful to read a magazine lying on my bed with my PJ’s on and my cat sitting by my side.  The sense of urgency and stress that constantly bombards my veins dissipates as I didn’t feel the rush of having to accomplish something online, or to attend to those “messages on msn” signals or “nudges”.  I felt relaxed, and at peace with myself.  I read, I wrote, and I had time for myself.  My mind is much more clearer now than last week.

    After this experience I plan on taking a few days out of a month to disconnect myself from the world.  I feel more mentally capable of accomplishing tasks now that I’ve rejuvenated and am ready to connect with the world.  I highly recommend this amazing experience.  Go on, give yourself  day where you don’t need to give a damn about anyone else but yourself.


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