• 11:38:05 pm on May 9, 2007 | 0

    I think I’ve been saying this so much lately that it’s permanently ingrained in my brain. HAHA. I’m having trouble sleeping again – but that’s alright; considering I get to stay online and write in here, or go stalk people on Wastebook! :) JK.

    My friend is getting married this Saturday… I am extremely excited and happy for her and her to-be husband. In so many ways they belong together… I think sometimes things just come naturally, otherwise the meaning disappears completely. “You can’t lose something that belongs to you” is traumatically true. Anyway, I totally found out something today that I deserved to find out – but just a little too late. Sometimes we care too much about the little things – we sweat about them, and who the fuck really cares?

    I’m greatful to know right now in my life what makes me happy. What triggers those happy glands inside of me, and to me that’s priceless. I can’t say that I’ve completely found myself; but at 24 I think I finally have a pretty good idea. At least that way, I know how to pick myself up if I fall. Wow things get a bit weird when insomnia kicks in! hahaha FUNTIMES!

    Can’t wait for the weekend!


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