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    LabSpace Studio Performance
    Click here for photos from LabSpace Studio.

    John and Laura’s evening was extremely successful, to say the least.  Everything present that evening was interactive, engaging and compelling and for the most part it felt a lot like the “Happenings” during the 1950’s.

    Things simultaneously occurred not to interrupt one another, but each piece weaved itself into each other complimenting and narrating the evening. On the left side of the space stood a performance artist in front of a projector that hug 20 feet above the gallery. People walked around, talked and mingled.  It was very casual, but intimate and extremely concentrated. On the right side there was a live band that played music, and above them hung four beautiful pieces of paintings.  Then suddenly the music slowed down and a directional light pointed to a girl who perched ten feet above us chanting a performance piece with a microphone.  It was absolutely spectacular!

    The highlight of the evening was reuniting with the gang from University; Angie, Laura, John, Amy (and her beau!), Veronica, Heather, Ayshia, and Sarah. I am extremely happy to see how amazing we turned out! Especially to John and Laura to have put together such a spectacular evening. All the hard work paid off ;)

    Last week I started to loose perspective and hope, but after seeing everyone last night, and how close we are despite not having seen each other for months made me realize that I am not alone in pursuing my dreams.

    Here’s to us and our dreams :)



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    :D Feel free to join the art community if you’re in Toronto anytime soon! :)

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