• 11:44:45 pm on April 26, 2007 | 0

    While riding the GO home this evening I got thinking about different ideas on ways to depict and teach children (for example) about fairy tales. How could something that’s so ingrained into our minds be even slightly influenced? Fairy tales especially are passed on through our parents, the educational system through both oral and written traditions. It’s funny… because I’m always looking for a revolution of some sort. I constantly search for ways to engage and to challenge other’s perceptions to question his/her beliefs. I think it’s all about being an artist. The artist is supposed to constantly push boundaries and set the trends, right? The last time I tried to push my boundaries is when I created a fictional story with the use of modern photography tricks to question people’s belief systems. I completely made up this phony story of how the Fortune Cookie came about. I created artifacts, dated them, and produced video to support the story. I was absolutely obsessed with our technological abilities and its’ ability to manipulate our thoughts…. Nowadays viewers are more cautious about what they see in the media, which is a great improvement. Stories about fake journalists don’t appear as often as they used to, which is good. But how much do we really know, and to be pretty honest – Why do we care? We talk about our privacy; our feelings… we care so much about these things. We care so much about protecting these things that belong to us. We want others to know about us, but we don’t really want to tell others exactly who we are. So we hide.


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