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    • original writers of fairy tales : Grimm Brothers or Charles Perrault, and perhaps Hans Christian Andersen.
    • In a time of political censorship, where women had few rights, fairy tales were one way that they could make their opinions known.
    • As one of the best-known fairy tales, Cinderella has over 340 variations and can be traced back as far 850-60 CE (Common Era), where a version was written down in China.So I thought about possibly creating artwork based on re-writing Cinderella. It helps to focus on a single fairy tale instead of producing art that’s based on all fairy tales, which is just too ambitious. So I plan on re-creating a story that takes place in today’s society, but with a twist of what is considered to be “happily ever after”. When I have more time I’m going to start writing the short story, and with that I plan on executing a series of photographs such as what Cindy Sherman did in her The Complete Untitled Film Stills series.

    Untitled Film Still

    http://www.bobhuang.com/essays/essay22.htm (full article here)
    http://marklyon.org/story/cinderella.html (modern version of Cinderella – you go girl!)



  • wyninspires 11:31 pm on October 23, 2007 | # | Reply

    It seems as though this is the page that gets the most hits! I’m glad that the basis of my artwork is still being talked about.

  • melissa 3:13 pm on April 23, 2009 | # | Reply

    i realli inspire your story and u creatin just wanna say i luv it and i think ur realli cool

    • wyninspires 12:16 am on August 17, 2009 | # | Reply

      Thank you Melissa :)

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