• 09:00:48 am on April 21, 2007 | 0

    So I decided that starting today I will make an effort to write something on this blog – just to keep things interested. So the next big day for Wynne is May 28th – in which I will actually (possibly) get the opportunity to showcase my art at the annual Corus Gallery :) For some reason I’ve been feeling a bit low lately, but you can’t be happy all time time, right? All I know is that I need to keep going despite the hurdles and sacrifices.  My friends have been nice enough to gently remind me to live in the present moment, instead of always planning for the future. It’s very true, and it’s something that is a reminder on the side of my brain to take some time to live for the present moment. It’s hard sometimes because I know exactly what I want in life, and this magical journey to achieving it could get rough at times.

    Nonetheless I’m absolutely thrilled about the gallery at Corus, and hopefully this will mark the beginning of the journey, and closer to achieving my goals.


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