• 02:43:12 am on February 18, 2007 | 0

    I’ve been really busy – as usual. What’s new? Hahaha – I should be penalized if I were to use that phrase again.

    So what’s REALLY new? Well, on Feb 2nd – 4th I went to Ottawa for a business event, and also got a chance to enjoy the winter festivities that the beautiful Ottawa had to offer – here are some pics: http://utoronto.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2134250&l=5f838&id=28115173.
    Skating on the canal was something that I had wanted to do all Winter – well, some Winter sports that is to say. We haven’t had too much snow this winter in Toronto, so being able to skate outside was a bonus. Very different from Nathan Phillips Square. Nathan Phillips Square had something else on the go though. I did go and see , and very interesting indeed. Here are some images:

    Gordon Halloran’s Paintings Below Zero

    Gordon Halloran’s Paintings Below Zero

    Other than that I’ve been contacting and talking with friends from University – trying to get either a solo show or a group show together sometime soon… aiming for Fall 2007. I suppose having a goal in mind is effective. We’ll see, because I am moving during the summer, and it’s probably not the best time to be promoting a new show at the same time. But, we’ll see. Anyway, I’ll be revamping this site very shortly. Maybe get more images available on the gallery area. Not sure :)


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