• 02:47:04 am on January 21, 2007 | 0

    Despite how long it took for me to finish this painting; I’m both excited and relieved at the results. This will most likely be one of the last black and white paintings that I’ll be producing in the near future. I’m taking a different approach by shifting my attention to learning more about the female role in fairy tales.

    Specifically, how the stories shape and influence women’s behaviour in today’s society. There’s been a vast number of research that concentrates on linking feminism and fairy tale studies, and it’s great because that means there’s a lot to read about at the library. I’m thrilled about the idea of producing art as an irony to fairy tales, how these norms derived from Germany in the late 19th century made its’ way to today’s society despite how our society has changed. Disney’s been a great advocate in allowing the ‘Brother’s’ stories travel through time into magical fairy tales to teach children how to behave. Perhaps it’s a mechanism to maintain the submissive behaviour role of the woman in society. The princess is often “waiting to be saved from the prince charming”. These stories are magical and I do not at all doubt how great these stories are, but when we place these stories in a classroom setting it’s not so much of a good idea anymore since the roles of women have obviously changed in the last 200 years. Women now are expected to be independent, powerful and act as an equal to men, but the problem arises when they’re place in a situation in between the new norms that society tries to implement and the deep roles that are engraved into our minds from the day we were born. We are taught from fairy tales that beauty will be rewarded, and that all evil is “ugly”. The wicked stepmother, who is actually the role that is most powerful in fairy tales and most relevant in today’s society is reflected as the demon in fairy tales, and thus girls aren’t taught to have them as role models. They were taught, and that being said- we were taught that beauty is rewarded, beauty is “dangerous”, and that beauty will produce great things. Girls and women – females also learn a lot about fighting and disputes over beauty. Beauty pageants – the wicked stepsisters in Cinderella; the glass slipper… how beauty is measured. By placing all of this in a test-tube I’m not implying that it’s the sole cause of all matters to do with female roles, but it is an interesting theory to turn to since my work is based on women’s roles and identities.

    More to come – stay tuned :)



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