• 02:51:31 am on December 26, 2006 | 0

    Here’s what I have to offer to everyone this holiday… Since I’m off work for a couple of weeks, it’s given me the liberty to do some quality reading. Reading on the GO doesn’t really count, since I’m too busy dodging sick people coughing all over the place. I found this online http://www.uploadlibrary.com/artreviewdigital/index.html – it’s a copy of Art Digital, and right now you could get six free online copies for free. All you need to do is provide an email address, and you could own the entire copy on a flash file. I just started reading last night, and so far it’s been quite entertaining. Even though many of the artists aren’t based in Toronto, it provides a source of inspiration, and names to interesting artists to research and read about. For example, the Duetsche Bank Art Shop. A place where you could purchase editions from Joseph Beuys, Matthew Barney, Cai Guo-Qiang. Lookie here… You could get an unsigned print version from Joseph Beuys for $10.00. Not bad :)


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