• 01:54:33 am on December 15, 2006 | 0

    So just a little update here on how I’m doing or what I’ve been trying hard to find time to work on (so far). Sorry for the watermark – and yes, I do realize that it probably won’t do much – anyway – I’m random like that. Sheena’s painting will most likely be finished by the end of 2006. The first coat of white is drying nicely, and the next couple of steps will just be alternating the black and white coats until it gets as smooth as a baby’s bottom ;) Almost…

    I wished that I had more time to update this site, perhaps it’s due to the nature of my real job that it’s a bit tiring coming home to update content on my own website. I’ll try my best to update this as much as possible, so that you people will actually come back to read it :) Things have been going fairly well on the personal side of things. Work is great, my boyfriend is amazing… and I’ve got everything that I need for the holidays. Delicious food, great friends, and a cozy home. What more could we ask for? :) Happy Holidays, and if I don’t get this updated soon enough – Happy New Year – Wynne


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