• 02:07:52 am on November 13, 2006 | 0

    I want to create a space where I could show the progress and journey of making art. Making art to me (and I’m being subjective here, but heck why not!) is more about the progress and the journey than of the final product.

    It’s about the twists and turns, the sweat, the agony and of course the epiphanies. Both are equally vital to an artists’ development, but having all of the above shown in an exhibitionist approach would allow the viewer to truly understand where, who, what, and when the artist gathers her ideas, inspiration and direction. Some of you may feel that it’s taking away from the sense of mystery and awe when finally being able to discover what the artist is communicating through art. Well, at the least I’m showing you where I’m coming from so that we could work together in understanding what I want to say, and I’m sure that it will help you better understand me, and my art, and be able to give me feedback (always welcomed).

    Wouldn’t you agree?
    I hope that you will enjoy this website just as much I have making it :) You’ll find research material through reading my blogs, some videos, and articles that are free to download and read (I promise they’re good, or else I won’t put them here!)lol.
    – Wynne


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