• 02:09:12 am on October 22, 2006 | 0

    – Notes
    – 3 main issues: stereotypes of testosterone crazed men, showing men as spectacles for women, celebration of women’s friendships Two points of views
    – “Bloody, sadistic of explosive revenge for the evils men do.. Are we so starved for ‘strong’ women’s roles that this revenge, and the pell-mell, lunatic flight that follows, fits anyone’s definition of strength, or even more peculiarly, or neo-feminism?” – Sheila Benson
    – look up neo-feminism
    – On the other hand…
    – Patricia Mellencamp “Themla & Louise” struck a social chord
    – Showing women escaping the trap of “happily ever after” and all that “once upon a time”
    – frees women from the “expectations and limitation” of fairy tales that women are taught to make our lives.

    Femininity = rely on friendships, and achieve fearlessness

    Cooper, Brenda. “”Chick Flicks” as Feminist Texts: the Appropriationof the Male Gaze in Thelma & Louise.” Women’s Studies in Communication os 23 (2000): 1-30.


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