• 02:15:45 am on October 18, 2006 | 0

    Objectification Theory: the implicit and explicit sexual objectification of the female body in Western culture produces a multitude of negative consequences for women.

    The primary psychological consequence of sexual objectification is the development of an unnatural perspective of the self known as self-objectification
    – Women who “self-objectify” have internalized observer (surveyor) are anxious about how others will judge them and treat them.
    – Increased body shame, appearance anxiety, disordered eating, diminished mental performance and capacity to achieve peak motiovational states
    – Trying on a swimsuit for example shows signs of being on display when no actual observers were present

    Calogero M, Rachel. A Test of Objectification Theory: The Effect of the Male Gaze on Apperance Concerns in College Women. London: William Clowes Ltd, 1972.


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