• 02:23:15 am on October 5, 2006 | 1

    What I’m trying to talk about here is the morphed mirror. The notion that very media cookie-cutter idea of the “perfect woman” is not achievable. Even perfect women have insecurities, they don’t always feel adequate or that they belong. It’s almost everyday that we see someone we feel is perfect based on our ideas of perfection, but instead of walking with confidence – their body language signifies insecurity and lack of “something”. In my paintings I want to depict that insecurity that I capture that specific moment in time. I don’t think that I want to go the being a total activist route, but instead I want to be able to just gently surface that idea that even perfect women have insecurities, and that if we continue to allow the media to bombard us with these images we will no longer be able to feel happy with ourselves. There is no way or point to compare ourselves with the women in the media who dictate their lives into sculpting their bodies to make a living. We have things to do, and we have a life. I can’t really entirely blame the media itself, but it’s almost hard not to do that considering mass media is the only source of medium that glamorizes and rewards perfection. This idea seems too old, but at the same time it’s only too new for us to forget.

    How Angela looked in those photographs. I have a tendency to take hundreds of action shots. In those I don’t even look at them until I get them transferred onto my laptop. What you see is surprising – these beautiful women who clearly seem to feel from their facial gestures, their body language that they don’t feel like they live up to the standards of our society.

    I want us to relive those moments so that it reminds us that all these studies to do with how seriously inadequate women, for example if it’s a weight issue; that even when you do get to that desired weight- it doesn’t free yourself from comparing to others. Pretty girls feel bad too.



  • kuen 9:10 am on May 7, 2007 | # | Reply

    hmmm…social inbuilt preconception vs. what we perceived as norm. Facial expression, gestures,etc, What we observe on the outside could be rather different from the inside, a fine line between pain and pleasure. By looking on a aesthetical level, you judge on the visual…eliminating the context and the emotional. And as an observer, there is no such thing as an impartial party regardless of how objective one might strive to be. Not everything becomes visual. People are at ease and most confident doing what they do best. Each is only pin down to a singular moment. Take any special Olympic athlete swimming in a race, shear perseverance and strength.
    Sorry if this is long-winded babble, but your explorations just evokes a reaction. Good to keep the mind constantly moving. cheers.

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